Penn Chambers & Penn Group Charity 2022

We all need some help in our lifetimes. Some more than others. Sometimes a little sometimes a lot. We understand that.
We are committed to giving something back to society in our own little way.
Penn Chambers, part of Penn Group of Companies, we pledge to pay at least £5,000 per year to charitable institutions, preferably those that are smaller and may not get as much exposure as the big organisations do. We like to see that we get a lot of "bang for our buck". We want to see that the money that we pledge helps directly to a specific cause wherever possible. 
The money that we pledge is raised by challenging activities and donating our time and skill, and any shortfall is made up of our own funds. That is our commitment and we intend to honour it every year.
Our plan is to undertake at least 4 events per year around March, June, September and December, and in each of those events, to aim to raise £1,250. Anything more than that is great. Anything less and Penn Group will make up the shortfall.
Please help where you can and how you can.