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Wills & Probate



The Wills and Probate Team currently provide expert legal advice on the preparation amendment and updating of Wills.


We also have sister companies with financial advisors and tax experts to provide you with a comprehensive and bespoke service for the preparation of your Will, financial advice and tax planning.


A truly holistic solution to your needs.


We undertake the full complement of work that you would expect in our Wills & Probate Team and much more.


There is a saying in common usage, which is that you get what you pay for. This is true also in the case of Wills. You can obtain a Will pack from stationers and from the classified advertisements in a newspaper or indeed you can prepare a Will yourself. There are substantial risks in doing so, and often the problems do not surface until after you pass away, in which case it is too late to change the Will or remedy any defect.

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Applying for probate, through the Will, is the process of calling in all the assets, paying all the liabilities (including any Inheritance or other tax) and then distributing the remainder to those entitled. 


The executors are appointed in your Will and need to act swiftly and properly to call in all the assets and hand over the correct assets to the correct beneficiaries.


We can act as your professional executors leaving your loved ones to come to terms with their loss or alternatively act side by side with family executors to ensure that your estate or the estate of a loved one is correctly and properly administered leaving you happy in the knowledge that your loved ones are cared for. 


We will guide you through what can be a difficult and emotional time. 

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Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)

People who lack mental capacity need someone else to manage their legal, financial and health affairs. The Mental Capacity Act 2005 made provision for people to choose someone to manage not only their finances and property should they become incapable but also to make health and welfare decisions on their behalf. They will be able to do this through a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA). 

An LPA is a complex and serious document and should be properly and carefully prepared by a fully qualified Solicitor. At Penn Chambers, our specialist Solicitors can ensure that is done.


You may wish to draw up an LPA for yourself safe in the knowledge that you no longer need to worry about what would happen if you become a victim of an accident or serious illness. However, for many people, it is as they become older or more infirm that they seriously consider what they would wish to happen to them should their mental and physical condition deteriorate. 

If you or your loved one become incapable of making decisions for themself and have not appointed another person as  their attorney, their personal affairs would become the responsibility of the Public Guardianship Office.

Apply to become a Deputy when a loved one has lost mental capacity but did not make a Lasting Power of Attorney before losing that capacity.

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