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Contentious Probate

Disputes involving wills, trusts and estates have been on the rise over recent years, and we are seeing a notable increase in the number of judgments being reported.

Over 2,300 will disputes have been heard in the High Court in the last 10 years, not including the substantial amount of claims that are settled outside of court. The majority of inheritance disputes are resolved using alternative dispute resolution (for example, mediation) and do not proceed to court.

Our litigation team is here to help you with contentious probate matters, disputes relating to the administration of a deceased person's estate.

Our expert team deal with contesting a will, disputes over the interpretation of a will or disputes between executors or beneficiaries, disputes over the value of estate assets or a combination of the above. 

If you require assistance to resolve such problems or are seeking specialist advice on whether to bring a claim, our experienced solicitors are here to help.

Book a meeting with us to find out:

Who can challenge a will?

Do I have valid grounds to contest a will?

What results can I expect from contesting a will?

What are the estimated costs involved? 

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On occasion, a Will is valid but contains errors or provisions that are not clear.  In certain circumstances, a court will allow a Will to be rectified or seek to determine the exact meaning of a clause or gift.

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Disputes over the administration or distribution of the estate

Sometimes those appointed to manage the estate do it wrongly, take too long or use the assets of the estate for their own gain and purpose.

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Challenges over the validity of a Will or Codicil

It may be argued that the Will is not valid for many reasons. Most commonly it is to do with mental capacity, coercion, and being executed incorrectly to name a few.

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